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Positive Behaviour Support – Let’s Plan is a step-by-step interactive guide aimed at level 3 within positive behaviour support, for individuals with intensive support needs.

Useful to Individuals who want to learn how to produce a support plan and for people involved in the gathering of information used within the support plan.

Join Coach Carnall as he places himself inside a Support Plan, teleporting himself from column to column with his unique, down to earth, humorous and award-winning training style.

Topics include:

Column by column, easy to follow, explanations
Regular time outs to complete each section, step by step.
Internal and external triggers.
Explanation of early warning signs.
Why include diagnosis details? Confabulation
Why include medication details?
Four S.E.T.S of functional needs
Types of support strategies
Primary Proactive – Secondary De-escalation – Tertiary Reactive

Examples for each support strategy
10.Knowledge check on support strategies.