You will be emailed the 40 minute video.

We are proud to welcome you all to this first ever streamed video content on the subject of smearing and consuming faeces.

If you are supporting any individual who smears or consumes faeces then this is the video for you.

Guiding us through the faecal aspects of the video, we will be calling on the assistance of Dr Squat. Dr Squat will guide you through the correct terminology for each area of concern, whilst exploring the hidden functions behind this problematic behaviour and identifying proactive support measures to minimise or eradicated the need to smear or consume.

Topics covered include:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs.
Hypo sensitivity
Chemical compounds within faeces.
Faecal Substitute replacements
The six human senses
Origins of smearing and consuming faeces
Safe threats – glad to be sad
Oppositional defiance
History of coprophilia
Possible medical reasons for Scatolia, Coprophagia and Coprophilia
Health conditions associated with Scatolia, Coprophagia and Coprophilia