A streaming service for individuals with mild to severe support needs.

As a Bild member, we have a shared commitment to championing human rights of people with learning disabilities.


Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training videos are available to purchase online. Or for USB versions that can be inserted into your own e-learning, training sessions or presentations, email us at info for pricing options.

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Consequence & Reward Agreements

With the help of ‘DJ Consi Quence’ we will run through the top 20 tips to ensure that your consequence and reward agreement is successful and an individual’s quality of life is improved.

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ABC Recording

Coach Carnall takes himself inside an ABC form with a fresh, down to earth, humorous training style that will keep you fully engaged throughout the video.

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Faecal Attraction:
Smearing & Consuming Faeces

If you are supporting any individual who smears or consumes faeces then this is the video for you.

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Positive Behaviour Support Planning

Useful to Individuals who want to learn how to produce a support plan and for people involved in the gathering of information used within the support plan.

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Positive Behaviour Consultant

Simon Carnall has in excess of 30 years experience within Positive Behaviour Support, coaching parents and professionals within health and social care settings, including personal safety / conflict resolution for lone workers.

During his award winning career he has been a consultant for many BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) accredited companies and co-ran his own BILD accredited company for over 3 years.

Simon’s vision to provide the first Positive Behaviour Support Streaming Service is now a reality – we hope you enjoy this fun and interactive content whilst learning.

People who may find this streaming content beneficial

For anyone providing support for adults or children with any of the following conditions:
Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, types of dementia, emotional, behavioural or social difficulties.

View all of our positive behaviour support training videos.

What our clients say about us…

Simon’s streaming videos are a valuable innovative training resource that capture & hold the learner’s involvement throughout. Their interactive format takes consideration of a range of learning levels and styles, allowing the learner to have control of their own progress.
Simon’s great attention to detail in producing these resources is evident throughout incorporating alternating serious and uniquely humorous characters within each programme.

The range of materials included, from early learner topics through to very complex subjects not previously approached in this format, demonstrate Simon’s career long depth of knowledge and dedication plus his empathy and compassion for service users and learners alike.

Annette Dix, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, Instructor Member Health & Care Professions Council, (HCPC) Covid-19 Temporary Register of former registrants (Physiotherapy)
As someone who has a specialism in PBS, Autism Support and behaviour that some may find challenging, I highly recommend Simon’s approach to these subjects. More than just his style of delivery he is able to bring the subject matter to life by relating it to actual experience of working in the health and social care sector, in particular how to assist people find better ways to communicate their unmet needs. Simon has been there, seen it and done it, this gives his delivery a depth, relatability and integrity that can all too often be missing.
Stephen Gell, Group Risk and Compliance Partner, Fife Scotland
Simon worked with us so we could develop understanding and much better ways to support the challenges that people with dementia have. The training was very interactive. Within a short time Simon had engaged all of us to participate in some way which in itself is not an easy task! Staff enthused about what they learnt. They found it empowering to de-escalate volatile situations in a calm and educated manner.
Jane Bacon, Retired home manager, Oxford
Simon’s training was extremely engaging, interesting and very enjoyable. Wasn’t the usual dreaded generic training days people usually attend. Full of lots of laughter, fun, information and a brand new outlook when returning to my place of work, also in my own personal life with a learning disabled son I have applied the techniques at home too which have massively improved our home life ! Definitely noticed behaviour within the work unit improving and less episodes of challanging behaviour, an overall happier place to work and for the service users to live ! Always looked forward to Simon’s training ! He is extremely passionate about what he does and it really really shows !
Stacey Mitchell, Support Worker, Ballyclare Northern Ireland
Simon has been amazing in coaching me on elements of PBS and understanding my son’s behaviours in relation to ADHD & Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

I was coached by Simon on ABC recording, functional needs and how to proactively support my son through PBS planning.

Simon’s support has been invaluable, it really has opened up a whole new way of understanding and supporting my son’s needs. Now we are all enjoying family life how it should be lived.
Thank you.

Samantha L, A grateful Mother, Leicestershire
I have been a support worker in Milton Keynes for over 20 years and I would say autism and understanding challenging behaviours have become my speciality. I have done lots of training over the years and then Simon came along and he was a game changer for me, his fun and engaging style is the best I have come across and his knowledge about various disabilities, positive behaviour support, and how to work in a pro active way with people has been invaluable, Simon also has a great understanding about the importance of a functional analysis and how to carry it out effectively.
Now known as The Behaviour Coach I would encourage anyone to access his videos on his new streaming website.
James Joyce, PBS Trainer, Milton Keynes Council

The Behaviour Coach is the number one person to contact if you need help with developing strategies, useful hints and tips when supporting an individual with a plethora of challenging and sensitive behaviours. This coupled with a fun and engaging teaching style makes the perfect choice to develop your skills and techniques to help you as a practitioner and improve the lives of some amazing individuals.

Darren Price, SLDD/PMLD lecturer, Isle of Wight College